Effective July 1, 2021 Sandra Matheson and her Food Systems Consulting associates will provide consulting services via the firm of Van Velzen + Radchenko Design Associates Ltd. for clients with ongoing projects or those with long term relationships. Sandra Matheson can be contacted at sam@foodsystems.com or through the offices of VV+R. As a group we will continue to provide the kind of professional, independent, creative foodservices consulting services you want.
Sandra Matheson - sam@foodsystems.com
John Radchenko - ohnrad@bellnet.ca
Tony Resendes - tresendes@bellnet.ca

Van Velzen + Radchenko Design Associates Ltd. (VV+R)
VV+R - Phone - 416 447-6483

Advisory Services
& Design
& Promotions
What foodservices are
needed, why, when, how
and how much?
What’s new, what works,
what doesn’t, what’s
best for your project?
How to create real
customer engagement?
Recipe Analysis;
LTC and School Compliance Audits; Workplace Wellness
and Sustainability Audits.
Need specialized
expertise or a manager
on an interim basis?